Despite tall claims, majority of KP education projects await completion

Uniform education system, sitting up education city, providing free and compulsory education for all, enhancing of girls enrollment ratio, provision of all basic facilities in schools, introducing five teachers and five class rooms school policy were some of the main goals for which 27 percent of 2014-15 budget was allocated.
“After the passage of four years, KP government has done little for education,” said former education minister Sardar Hussain Babak “not even single school has been constructed during this time.”
Education and health were the main areas of the interest for which they have also made tall promises with people during their election campaign. The data available with The News Eye shows the PTI government had planned 100 development projects in education in the last three budgets out which only 34 had been completed while 52 schemes are yet to be completed. Work is yet to be initiated on 14 developments projects.

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