Hepatitis B and C on Rise in Bajjur

Bajaur Agency, one of the tribal agencies in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) with a population of more than half a million is seeing rampant presence of Hepatitis B and C. The report cities lack of awareness as the prime reason behind dangerously high number of patients hit by Hepatitis B and C. Daman Shah, a resident of Bajaur Agency whose father is under treatment for the ailment says, despite tall claims made by the health department, no proper treatment has been provided to his father at the government facilities. He says private clinics are the only option to get medical treatment. Head of Bajaur Agency Headquarter Hospital, Dr Niamat says free vaccination against hepatitis B and C is being provided to the population that is exposed to the danger of Hepatitis. He reveals that as compared to rest of the country where prevalence of Hepatitis is 5 percent, the ratio in Bajjur alone is nearly the double i.e 10 percent. He says most of the people in the tribal agency are unfortunately not even aware of the reasons that lead to the spread of hepatitis B and C.

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