Dropout of children from schools is an international phenomenon. Not only the developing countries but also the developed countries are facing this menace. De­velopment of any country is measured through the enrollment of children of that country into the schools. Education is a key to success and when, if a country does not achieve education to its maximum it will not achieve the required goals of development. This was stated by Dr. Khalid Ranjha, Director, Directorate of Spe­cial Education, Islamabad. He said in special education centres they are providing all basic and up to the mark educational and rehabilitational facilities to students with disabilities as a result these students after completing their special education, became useful citizen of this country. He said there are number of examples in which we could claim that these special children after getting special education from special education centres, are earning their respectable livelihood in the society. He admitted that there are some shortcomings in the system but these could be overcome by taking some positive steps.


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