Our Grantees

PAKISTAN SPECIAL is the oldest and largest circulated magazine for over 10 million Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Pakistan. Launched in June 2000 it is being published from Islamabad on regular basis. Registered with Government of Pakistan under Declaration No. 5730/2(52)-Press/99 dated Nov 1, 1999, Pakistan Special is effectively and efficiently coping with informational, educational, rehabilitation, recreational and social needs of tens of thousands of PWDs in Pakistan. At present it is providing a common platform to hundreds and thousands of Persons with Disabilities in the country. Today monthly Pakistan Special is not only subscribed in the country but also all over the world.


Apni Awaz is non-profit organization that claims to be country’s first citizen journalism initiative. They say they encourage and empower youth, women and common citizens of Pakistan by giving them a platform to make their voices heard. Apni Awaz is at present active primarily in KP and tribal areas of Pakistan with an aim to keep growing and expanding its reach to other parts of the country. The entity has a special focus on mobile journalism and data journalism.


Data Stories Launched in 2015 from Lahore Punjab, Data Stories claims to be Pakistan’s first data journalism initiative. According to their website, the ever growing availability of data comes both with opportunities and challenges. The opportunities are unlimited in terms of taking advantage of data to play an effective role as a journalist while challenges are few and the most pertinent is the understanding of data.

Khalid Khattak, a journalist based in Lahore, Pakistan, founded this website. He is in the profession for 12 years and presently works for The News International as a Staff Reporter. Rana Tanveer, a data journalist and Linux System Administrator, is the co-founder of Data Stories and currently looks after the website.


Dera News is known as one of the most popular Urdu newspaper published daily from Dera Ismail Khan District of KP. It also has a web TV in Urdu language. The network claims to have a candid and rational editorial policy that is aimed at giving voice to the voiceless. Both the newspaper and their Web channel mainly focuses on highlighting issues of the down-trodden and gives special coverage to incidents of human rights violations, not just in the district but everywhere in Pakistan.


Khabar Walay claims to possess one of the largest Urdu news website operations in the Pakistan with their outlets i.e web TV, web news , mobile alert and social media presence. This entity started its operations from Karachi, Sindh in 2006. They say their mission is to bring plain truth to the masses.


Centre for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan (CIRP)

Center for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan is an independent not-for-profit organization. Registered under Trust Act, the Center is the first of its kind in Pakistan and promises a radical change on the map of journalism.They are a group of like-minded journalists struggling to stand the Center on the ground through producing a kind of work already not in fashion. The intended purpose is to inform the society about the happenings in the way they happen. Doing so will help them in making informed decisions.

Umar Cheema founded the Center in collaboration with like-minded journalists. Cheema is an Investigative Reporter with The News. He studied at London School of Economics and received training at The New York Times as Daniel Pearl Fellow other than working with Pakistan newspapers for last twelve-year. http://cirp.pk/


Foundation for Awareness and Civic Engagement (FACE)

Foundation for Awareness and Civic Engagement (FACE) is a not-for-profit and non-partisan civil social organization working for active and responsible citizenship through civic and political education. FACE was established in February 2016 by a group of like-minded citizens who realized that there was need to promote civic culture and civic activism in society. It is registered under ‘The Societies Registration Act 1860’. FACE believes citizens should be informed on political & governance matters. The vision of FACE is to make peaceful society who will be well aware of its civic rights/duties, cultural identity and sled sustained in social development. http://www.faceorganization.pk/


Power Radio FM 99

Power99 aired its transmission on 23rd March, 2003 within the span of three months of getting License from (PEMRA). It is covering an aerial distance of 70 Kilometers radius in Islamabad; Abbottabad & Vehari to cover important cities/town around these areas (see coverage areas for details).Power Radio FM 99 is one of the vision-driven commercial FM Radio channels in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Vehari licensed by Federal Government of Pakistan under Pakistan Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA). The channel has gained popularity in no time and now it is offering 24/7 infotainment and Strategic Communication contents!

As an independent & civil society media outlet, Power99 is striving to carve out a just humanist and progressive society.  Power99 being strategically well-located, is helping several civil society organization to gain visibility with potential donors, partners and clients.   http://www.power99.com.pk/


Awami Awaz (print media)

The Awami Awaz is a Sindhi language newspaper. Its head office is situated in Karachi with bureau offices are in Islamabad, Lahore, Sukkur and Hyderabad. Awami Awaz is famous for providing information, balanced news coverage and opinions on the issues related to regional and national politics. The daily Awami Awaz, (Sindhi) Daily Anjam (Urdu) and Awami Awaz Web TV are the projects of Marvi Publications. https://awamiawaz.com/


The Baluchistan Point

The Balochistan Point is an online English newspaper from Balochistan, launched on October 16, 2010. The Balochistan Point is an online newspaper and works without any bias towards any race, religion or political ideology. The core values of The Balochistan Point shape up an independent editorial policy for the newspaper. Balochistan Point believes in Objective Journalism and avoids any news item based upon allegation or speculations. Due to their indefatigable effort to disseminate the important and correct news about Balochistan, this online newspaper aims to become the voice of the nation. http://thebalochistanpoint.com/


The News Eye

The Newseye is the first independent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa based online media outlet, aimed at bringing news on issues of KP and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) especially human rights related issues. The Newseye is entirely covering issues pertaining to human rights, women rights, politics, health, education, civic with in-depth analysis and data-based investigative reports. The organization stands unique among other news outlets as TheNewseye.com provides an open platform to the writers, journalists and social activists– whose writings are discouraged in rest of the media due to commercial interest– to express their views and raise the problems being faced by the masses. https://www.thenewseye.com/


Balochistan Voices

Balochistan Voices is the premier English-Language Online newspaper of Balochistan. Adnan Aamir, Editor of Balochistan Voices, ran Balochistan Point online newspaper as its editor from July 2014 to January 2016. During this period, he made Balochistan Point a successful news platform with many success stories. Lately, he developed differences with the management of Balochistan Point and thus started Balochistan Voices. Balochistan Voices is a non-profit english-language online newspaper which relies on the contribution of volunteer writers from across Balochistan. It is an online newspaper which publishes news stories, opinion articles, editorials, letters to the editors and blogs on regular basis. Balochistan Voices has an independent editorial policy which is based on the principle of highlighting news stories which are usually ignored by the mainstream media of Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular. http://balochistanvoices.com/


Chiltan FM 88

Chiltan FM 88 is radio station serving Quetta/Mastung in Pakistan.It is owned by Asman Radio Pvt. Ltd. and started test broadcasting from 24 October 2008 in Urdu, English and regional languages. Chiltan FM88 began from March 2009.Its programming includes Pakistani pop as well as the Indian, UK and bhangra pop, latest film hits, ghazals, folk, international and regional hits for the listeners of all ages. Competitions, phone-ins, sms-ins and valuable gifts are also offered. http://chiltanfm88.weebly.com/


Tribal post

Tribal Post is an independent news website; launched in 2013 on a personal initiative of young innovative journalists and activists from FATA & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Their mission is to 1) feature FATA — the tribal areas of Pakistan, 2) To Empower local voices and bring the untold and unheard stories of the people of FATA and KP as well and 3) To support and encourage students of journalism and other social sciences, fresh graduates and activists and provide free and professional space to them. http://tribalpost.pk/



Mast FM 103

Mast FM 103 is radio station based in Multan with presence in different parts of the country. It has been struggling to inform, educate, and entertain the people. Mast Radio says its mission is to provide a trusted and engaging source of entertainment, music, and information .The radio endeavors to inspire all the segments of the listening community through its quality programming. Mast FM’s vision is to uplift, inspire and entertain our listeners by presenting a diversity of quality music, and by broadcasting information along with cultural and artistic events. http://www.mast103.com/


Shamal Radio

Shamal radio is based in the Bajjur tribal agency of Pakistan (FATA). The radio with its limited staff and resources is working to create social and political awareness among the masses with particular focus on education. The radio through its news bulletins and programs is also endeavoring to highlight the community issues in the backward tribal region… (Shamal radio website is currently inactive due to technical problems)


Tribal News Network (TNN)

Tribal News Network (TNN) is online and radio news agency serving radio audiences in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Founded by broadcast journalists from KP and FATA, TNN provides balanced, accurate news coverage of events happening in our province, giving local people trustworthy information on the daily events that affect their lives.

TNN produces daily seven-minute long radio news bulletins and updates in Pashto on the most important news events of KP-FATA, for broadcast by a network of 11 partner radio stations across KP and FATA. Daily news is also published on the TNN website in Pashto, Urdu and English to tell national and international audiences about events in our province.

Tribal News Network is based in Peshawar and has correspondents reporting from all districts of KP and FATA, from Dir and Mansehra in the north to Wana and Dera Ismail Khan in the south. TNN is officially registered under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984) with the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan. http://www.radiotnn.com/